Rainy days and Mondays: how to stay motivated to achieve your goals.

So, we’ve finally got the rain that many people have been praying for. But how does gloomy weather affect your motivation?

Do cloudy skies or bad weather get you down? I, personally, love to see the yellow rays of the sun, and like my fair share of Vitamin D, so here are a few tips to get you on track with your goals, and being productive, until the sun comes out again.

1. Embrace colour

Make your own sunshine through active use of colour.  Treat yourself to some bright flowers for your home or desk and wear your loudest clothes. Buy a bright yellow rain coat.  Put on some sunny statement jewellery and banish your nude lipgloss in favour of something with killer colour.

2. Get moving!

Gloomy weather makes many of us move more slowly or feel like staying indoors but to stay productive, you need to keep your body as well as your mind moving. Talk a sharp walk, between showers. If you have kids, join them on a massive puddle jump in your wellies. If you don’t have kids, try it anyway. It’s amazingly smile-inducing.

3. Be positive

To achieve our goals, whatever the weather, we need to think positively and surround ourselves with positive people. If rainy days and Mondays always get you down, seek out your most fun, zany friend or acquaintance for a chat or a drink. Keep away from the negative influences that will drag you down with them.

4. Do something crazy

Its not terribly British but doing something a little bit mad can do wonders for our morale. Smile at strangers. Have a bonkers dance in your kitchen. Sing loudly in the shower. Fake it ‘til you make it!

5. Be kind to yourself

If thinking about all this positive energy is making you feel a bit fragile, give yourself a little treat like a spa treatment or a power nap. Chocolate anyone?

6. Do some spring cleaning

If might not feel like spring, but cluttered homes and desks are not a good foundation for achieving our goals. Mess hoovers up your mental energy. Clear up any disorganised areas in your home or around your workspace. Tidy out your wardrobe and give some clothes to charity. Make some space for some new spring, bright clothes.  Your clean and tidy space will enable you to focus on your goals and the sense of accomplishment will give you a real boost.

7. Be more mindful

Anytime we feel low or miserable is a good time to practice being more self-aware and mindful. Listen to yourself. Why do you feel low? What can you change and what do you need to accept? How can you help yourself? Don’t worry, be happy.
We need to get our feelings about the weather in perspective. Any time I’ve mentioned the rain this week, people have said, “Ah yes, but we are in drought so we need it” Annoying but true!  A rainy day may leave us with terrible hair and a bad mood but it should not reduce our chances of achieving our goals. And remember, “The sun will come out tomorrow….”

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