Why we are all role models….


Where Miley left off in 2013, Bieber picked up 2014. Just 2 examples of the many jaded, spoiled, abused young men and women who rail against the shackles of their fame and try to throw off the relentless control of their “brand” by adults who should know better. But here is the bad news for our Poppet Puppets and anyone else out there who feels the need to rebel: we are all role models. Whether you set out to be a role model, or actively try and be one, we all have a responsibility to adhere to a social and moral code that we can be proud of. No matter how constrained Bieber feels by his carefully managed image, it is simply not ok to drive at high speeds under the influence of drink and drugs. You could kill someone.

Back in the real world, as soon as you have a younger sibling, cousin or friend in your infancy, you are setting the tone for them to follow. Its not ok to bite another person whether you are at nursery or Luis Suarez. As soon as you start a job, even if you are an intern at the very bottom of the pile, people are looking up to you – your younger friends at College, your mate’s little brother. There are basic standards of behaviour to follow in the office such as turning up on time and doing the job you are paid to do. People copy our behaviours so be the person you would like someone to model themself on.

My personal irritation in the world of work, and my favourite magazines, is the debate about Feminism. Are you or are you not a Feminist? Does Feminism still exist? In my opinion, this debate is antiquated and clouds the real issues. All women have a duty to act as role models to other women (and men) whether their peers or younger people coming through the ranks. This includes supporting colleagues, giving credit where due and refraining from bitching. But men also have a responsibility to set a standard of behaviour they are proud of with respect to women and men.

In a nutshell, whether you want to be a role model or not, you are. So live the life you want but stay within the boundaries of common decency that mean we will all be better off.


One Comment on “Why we are all role models….”

  1. Caleb
    March 24, 2014 at 9:38 pm #

    Our actions and lives have an affect on someone else whether we want it to or not. Someone is looking at your actions, what you say and how you handle situations. We are all role models for someone.

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