There’s tough and then there’s tougher….

There’s tough and then there’s tougher….

Lawton and Morton

Sometimes a story grabs you and I was blown away by the tale of 2 brave young women taking on the most incredible challenge in honour of their friend. Hanna Lawson and Lauren Morton have been rowing across the Atlantic in honour of their friend, Eleanor Rose Ellis, who lost her battle with cancer last year. Along the way, they have had to deal with every kind of adversity and have kept going whilst maintaining their sense of humour and their friendship. They’ve raised a fantastic sum of money but I feel their efforts deserve more.

Their story was featured in The Sunday Times on February 23rd but a subscription is needed to view it.

Their blogs can be read via

Well done to Hanna and Lauren, and everyone else out there working hard to raise money, inspire others or just being brave.



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