Brainy Branson

Brainy Branson

The wonderful BBC website recently featured Sir Richard Branson’s Top 10 Tips for success. Have a look at see what you think. Chances are, you might think, “This all sounds pretty simple.” But there is a big difference between just having simple principles and turning them in great big actions. Branson has always put his money where his mouth is and lives by example. He is the face of his businesses and you can feel his energy coming through the TV or off the pages of his books.

When people look at my tips for career succees, they might also say, “This isn’t rocket science.” And indeed, it isn’t. But how many people are following one of my golden rules which is, “Do what you love to do.”? If more of us were doing what we love, we would be a lot more fulfilled from a career point of view.

Find some time to write down your key tips or tenets for life. Like Sir Richard, they may include making time for your family or not giving up. Mine would include not engaging in negative office behaviours, and always writing down your goals. Set out your goals and principles for life and as Branson would say, “Just do it!”


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