The clocks have gone backwards….. but you don’t have to.

Autumn Exercise

I don’t know anyone who celebrates when the clocks go back. We get shorter days and a feeling that winter is about to hit. However, shutting up shop until Spring won’t be good for your career so here are a few ways to stave off the winter blues and keep up your productivity in the office.

  1. Get up on time! Winter is a time for hibernation –  for animals. If you want to operate higher up the food chain, you’ll need to keep getting up. It may be hard but don’t change your wake up time when its dark. If you need to hit snooze five times, factor that in to your alarm call. Tune the radio in to a station that energizes and inspires. Get to your desk on time.
  2. Start the day with fun or inspiration online. Most people check media or social media first thing in the morning. As well as staying tuned into the overnight news and trends, click on some sites which make you laugh or inspire you. Make sure you read your favourite parts of Metro on the tube or the best Twitter accounts. This will set you up, in a good mood, by the time you reach the office.
  3. Keep fit. We all feel like becoming couch potatoes during the winter but this is the perfect time to maintain your exercise regime. Some brisk activity will help to boost your immune system and maintain your circulation. Go for a bracing run, take the dog for a walk or take a yoga class in a warm studio. Carry your higher energy levels and healthy looks into your meetings and set the tone.
  4. Tomorrow’s Action List Today. This is one of the most effective habits of many successful people and its never more useful than when the nights draw in. Find half an hour at the end of today to plan for tomorrow. You will have a good sense of your priorities and then can leave your desk with a clear mind to enjoy your evening. This simple tip helps you to get ahead before you’ve even got out of bed.
  5. Don’t forget your breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day for a reason. Starting the day with a decent breakfast will put you in a good position for the day ahead. Studies show that people who eat breakfast are more alert and do better on tests than people who skip breakfast. Get ahead of your competition whilst they’re still asleep!
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