Are you motivated to succeed?

Mr Happy

Today is National Employee Motivation Day (

It seems many of us need additional motivation during the working day. Humdrum hour is rife with 26 per cent of the UK’s workforce revealing they lose motivation at work between three and four o’clock each day. We’ve just celebrated the end of Blue Monday, the third Monday in January which is likely to be the most depressing day of the year, as we give up on our New Year’s Resolutions, our diets and face mountains of bills from Christmas.

The motivation to succeed is in our hands. Obstacles appear but we can navigate them to stay on the road to achieving our goals. In the words of Neil “Marvellous” Baldwin, the legendary Stoke City kit man, “I always wanted to be happy so I decided to be happy.” Here are a few suggestions to help you stay motivated at work, and where there is a will, there is a way.

1. Do what you love. The quickest route to motivation at work is to love what you do. 85% of respondents in a recent survey said we are most successful when we enjoy our work. This enjoyment breeds happiness and as a result, more success. It’s a virtuous circle. If you can’t do what you love now, for financial reasons or because you’re not qualified for example, have a clearly articulated set of goals so you can do what you love in the future.

2. Reward yourself. Always have a reward planned for when you achieve a goal or a milestone. This is a simple way to motivate yourself and to inspire success. Rewards can be cheap and they can be small. For instance, take a coffee break and chat to a mate when you’ve written 1,000 words. Go to the gym when you’ve met a deadline. Book a holiday when you’ve passed your exam. Look forward to things and decide to be happy.

3. Have fun. This applies to work, and to your social life. Do what you enjoy and cross things off your to-do list, or list of goals, that you don’t enjoy and wear you down. We all have responsibilities that we have to meet, or things we have to clean but make it fun. Be mindful of your mood and aware of the things which elevate you. Spend time with people who motivate you, and avoid those who drain your energy. If there is something you have to do today which isn’t something you enjoy, get it done first then have a reward and spend the rest of the day on the tasks you enjoy.

Bring me down
Can’t nothing
Bring me down
My level’s too high

Thanks Pharrell.


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