Get Inspired and Be Inspiring by Nishadi Ranasinghe

Being at the very beginning of what I hope to be my long and winding career road, a crucial part of my development has been finding people in my work place who inspire me. Inspire me to be a better employee, inspire me to face challenges head on and inspire me to want to work to the best of my ability.

In the workplaces I have been fortunate enough to be a part of, I have worked with an array of leaders and an array of team members and there are a couple of key messages I have for those of us feeling our 8 hours a day are dragging.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery 

Find someone at work you admire. Either you are inspired by their story or you aspire to know how they work the room during presentations, find them and learn from them. Think about how you are similar in the way you work. When in a frustrating situation, model your behaviours on how you think they might react. Even down to how they present themselves. Check yourself against them. Do you stack up? Would you be able to inspire others as they have inspired you?

It could be aspects of someone’s personality you like, or one element of their plethora of corporate skills. by adding to your own arsenal by simply observing and copying, will teach you more than any self help book

You may need to dig around to find them, and it does not have to be your managers or directors. Maybe its just the polite gentleman in the corridor who sits in an office on the other side of the floor, who’s name you don’t even know, but who smiles and says hello to you every morning.

Find them and stick by them.

Be the best version of yourself 

Be someone who you would like to work for.  This one is more for those of us who find ourselves managing a group of people. Too often managers become complacent in their positions, not looking or caring about who they have on their teams. Be someone who can lead and inspire other people. When delivering news  stay positive and stay focused on what your collective goals are.

Dress well. Deliver your messages calmly and confidently and have all the facts. Be prepared for hard questions and do not dodge answers. Be truthful and genuine, and trust, respect and loyalty will almost certainly follow. Maybe you’ll finally be able to hand over that project you’ve been worried will be too difficult for Jane Teammate to take on.

Again, model yourself on your favourite managers. How would they react to a team member asking for extra days off during a busy time? or the flexible working hours being requested by a new mum? would they empathise?

Most of all, check your emotional baggage at the door. Bitchiness and moaning will only lead to negativity.

Ok, so I have not been around long enough to know what the answers are, but I have had amazing managers and I have had terrible managers, and all I know is deriving inspiration from those around you breeds a sense of aspiration, and will motivate you to be better.

So get inspired and be inspiring, and maybe that 9 to 5 won’t seem such a waste of time.


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