Holiday mojo: easing back into the office

Time Off

We look forward to our summer holidays all year but lots of us of us can’t shake that nagging feeling of dread about going back to work. For many, the first few hours in the office really bring them back to earth with a bump when they are greeted by an overflowing inbox and desperate colleagues and clients.

Here are a couple of suggestions to make your return to work after your holiday a little smoother:

  1. Instead of lingering at home on Monday morning, hit the siutation head on and go in promptly. You should have your post-holiday energy on your side. By beating the crowds, you can get a relaxed head start to your desk
  2. Instead of trawling  through 1,000 emails, arrange catch up meetings in advance with key colleagues, team members or your Boss to find out the main things which have been happening and the primary actions you need to take immediately
  3. Before you go away, pre-book a lunch for your first day back with someone you really like and who leaves a smile on your face
  4. Throughout the year, develop a sensible way of including and defining “subjects” in email titles with colleagues so that you can be more efficient with respect to prioritising and filing emails
  5. Write down your career and life resolutions and goals whilst on holiday and stick to them resolutely. If you have decided to go to the gym 3 times a week, make it happen. If you like the new relaxed you, stay serene. Take the next step on your career journey.
  6. Book your next holiday!

Have a great summer!


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