New Career You for 2016

Running Barefoot

January is almost over so shake off the blues. Its time for a career overhaul. Step up the work-you for 2016 with these simple ideas.

  1. Perfect Profile. Smarten up your virtual image. Spend an hour on LinkedIn improving the way you appear to the outside world. There are literally hundreds of articles online telling you what the best practice is for LinkedIn so use them. Does your Facebook page and Twitter feed show you off at your career best? Would you be embarrassed if a potential employer googled you? Time for a make-over.
  2. Creative Time. Schedule in some quality non-work time every day. This might be a chance to go for a run or meet with a friend. Maybe you could pick up a book. If you want to shake up your career in 2016, you need time away from your desk, every day. Put your phone away. This is time to refresh, recharge and enhance your creativity. Just do it.
  3. Elevator Pitch. Who are you and what do you do? Next time someone asks you that, make sure you can answer them in a couple of positive sentences, looking them straight in the eye. No errms, sort-ofs and likes. No pejorative language. “I sort of, like, help out my Boss,” is not an elevator pitch. Its weak and unimpressive. Who are you, and what do you do?
  4. Stop Procrastinating. If something is worth doing, do it now. If you’re putting something off, be honest about the reason why. If its hard, get help. If you hate it, get it over with. Don’t see a barrier and think I can’t do this. Get right to the heart of the problem with honesty and determination.
  5. Business Book Group. Start a business book group at work. There are gazillions of interesting business and career self-help books on the market, not to mention entrepreneurial autobiographies. Read something appealing with a group of colleagues and then organise a sandwich lunch to discuss it. It’s a cheap and interesting way to build relationships at work, and will help with developing ideas. Take a look at my reading list if you’re stuck for inspiration.

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