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15 August 2016 Sexism and the City: Why banking is the most chauvinistic industry of all
28 July 2016 Woman and global mobility: view from the ground
July 2016 Can taking time off work give employees a step up
4 July 2016 Feel like a fraud at work? Remember we can’t all be criminals
July 2016 Winning strategies for the summer of sport
12 May 2016 Six ways to discover your inner intrapreneur
April-June 2016 Back to work. How to survive-and thrive after having a baby
March 2016         How to turn your CV negatives into positives and upsell your skills
March 2016         Meet the famous women taking career breaks: and why you should do it too
March 2016 Five reasons you’re unhappy with your career
March 2016 Five reasons you’re unhappy with your career
February 2016         Penny speaks on Tim Arthur’s Radio London show
February 2016  Never too old for a gap year:Five reasons why taking time out to travel will enhance your life
December 2015  Never mind the menopause: Why women in the workplace are finished at 50
December 2015  Women in Leadership:Returning to work after maternity leave
October 2015   5 ways to keep your staff engaged
August 2015  Ignite logo  Which fund firms have the most sporty staff?
June 2015      Ignite logo  Six tips to prevent your career stalling at 50
June 2015     Sunday Times  It’s not too late to begin again
May 2015       Ignite logo  Fund professionals eye lucrative contractor roles
March 2015    Ignite logo  Tips for resolving workplace conflict
 February 2015  23 top tips to turbo-charge your personal productivity
 January 2015independent logo  Why we make (and break) our New Year’s resolutions – and how to stick to them
April 2014      Ignite logo How to cut down your after-hours emails 
March 2014    HR review logo How to make your employees happy!
March 2014    ft logo Organisations should look to internal skills first
March 2014    Ignite logo How to cope with colleagues from Hell
February 2014Ignite logo Five signs it is time to jump ship: Ignite Europe
February 2014handbag logo A career break at 23 worked wonders for Jennifer Lawrence; what could it do for you?
January 2014mens health logo Should You Pack It All In
January 2014 fabric logo Carpe Diem – Stop procrastinating and start achieving
January 2014hackney gazette logo Having trouble sticking to resolutions and keeping everything under control?
January 2014management today Dear Angel I am dreading January 
December 2013 Hanging on to your customers after Christmas
October 2013  working mums logo The ground rules for work life balance: Not getting ahead at work?
October 2013 Keeping hold of young talents when budgets are tight
August 2013     HR Director Are Boards doing enough when it comes to ongoing learning and development?
July 2013        How can you liven up your day in the office?
May 2013       Do you have what it takes to be the Boss?
April 2013       handbag logo The secret to career swapping
Jan 2013        marieclaire logo How to spice up your career