Client – IT Programme Director, 48

While seeking his next promotion, this client encountered a significant problem in the guise of his approach to networking. Our initial consultation identified this as an issue which was holding him back, we worked together to hone and polish an approach befitting the executive level career he wanted, complete with a personal pitch. The career transformation programme left this client very happy indeed when he landed a senior role within 3 months.

I felt that I was doing all the right things to manage my career so was frustrated with the lack of results. Penny helped to turn my talents and experience into a better package which helped me to move firms and take on a more senior role.

Client – City Analyst, 38

A less-than-ideal exit from his most recent employment had destroyed this client’s confidence and self-esteem, significantly reducing his chances of moving on in his career. The Extended DISC methodology used in the programme accurately identified his strengths, which we then matched to a relevant niche in the job market. By tailoring his applications to an area which suited his natural strengths, he regained his confidence and obtained a very rewarding, challenging contract

It’s all too easy to lose a sense of perspective when you work in a tough, demanding environment. You focus on delivery of the day-to-day and lose sight of the key skills and qualities that you bring to the role. Penny forced me to take a very focused look at my experience and skills in order to recognise where these skills would be valued. Perhaps more importantly, Penny provided a framework to understand my personal style, to offer strategies to effectively deal with others and to re-establish a sense of confidence and self-worth. I am now in a role where I am respected for what I know and what I can do.

Client – Property Entrepreneur, 35

It wasn’t anything negative that held this particular client back; it was his impressive array of skills and talents. This meant that he struggled to see one business idea to fruition before moving on to try something new. Through engaging and participating in the career transformation programme, he has now developed the ability to be more ruthless in prioritising and decision making. He has also mastered the art of delegation, leaving himself free to move on from being Jack-of-all-trades. Another fantastic success story!

I often feel frustrated with my lack of progress on different business opportunities, but Penny tries to reinforce that I cannot do too many things at once. We have improved my ability to prioritise and I am also getting stronger at delegation. I also feel confident that if I pass on a new business idea now, there will be plenty more in the future. Better to do one thing well…